China’s Banking Sector and the Attractiveness of Dim Sum Bond


China’s banking system has tremendously grown in recent years. ‘The Big Four’ keep dominating the Chinese banking system as well as they are playing an important role all over the world, mentioning in the first four positions of the largest banks ranking. In spite of its expansion, the banking sector is still suffering from serious structural and administrative issues. In order to deeply figure them out, we are going to perform a meticulous analysis of the banking sector, specifying what is the financial system adopted by China, what kinds of banks operate along with the first four banks and how the regulatory system has changed over time. Also, we are going to discuss the ‘parallel’ banking, well-known as ‘shadow banking’, which slowed down the growth of the banking system. Even though financial consequences of the global crisis on china have been extremely smalls, it still possible to focus our attention on changes and development of Chinese structure. This country suffered few losses in the short run whereas many projects (like the stimulus plan on 2008), reorganizations and reforms were planned in order to avoid contrary effects in the long run, both for real and financial economy. Finally, we will give a brief overview of the Dim Sum bond market aimed to internationalize the renminbi currency outside Mainland China and to lower the cost of capital.

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